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Remembering Craig & Jeff Owens

Two days ago, on November 12th, Jeff Owen would have turned 50 years old. Unfortunately Jeff passed away in July of 2018. There is a bench remembering Jeff and his older brother Craig at their People Inc home, the "Eggert ICF" in Orchard Park. The bench was donated by Out of the Blue. Here are some details honoring the life of Craig and Jeff Owens.

The Owens brothers were born to a loving Irish family that was very involved in their lives. Their sister, Trish is a teacher, who is married with 3 children. Craig and Jeff loved their niece and nephews very much and were proud Uncles showing off pictures ALL the time!

Craig was born in 1967 and Jeff in 1969. Both lived at home until the early 90's when the Eggert ICF was built. Jeff moved in first and Craig a bit after. They both shared a bedroom and they were inseparable!

They loved wrestling and watching the 3 Stooges DVD's and would do all of their silly antics.

Their Dad hunted deer, golfed, and worked for the railroad. So many of their stories and sign language were geared around "Daddy's" interests. Both guys loved sports of all kinds. Jeff wanted to wear Buffalo Bills gear all the time and most of his room decor was football related. Craig loved to wear camouflage clothing and had hunting decor and trains.

They both loved music, dancing and parties and were the heartbeat of the Eggert ICF. They especially loved to get dressed up for Halloween. They also both loved McDonald's! Jeff preferred the hamburgers while Craig enjoyed the fish sandwiches. They actually put a McDonald's bag in Jeff's casket so he wouldn't get hungry on his way to Heaven.

They really enjoyed getting out in the community and said Hi and shook hands with everyone they met.

Jeff especially enjoyed the "Run the Burg" events. They both loved to go camping, which they did every year at Letchworth State Park. They also went to Disney World many times and Craig especially loved Mickey Mouse and the parades.

Although their house does not have the same joy it once held, Craig and Jeff's memory will live on forever. They were the life of every party and truly enjoyed their lives to the fullest. Out of the Blue if beyond grateful to have known them, and we are proud to donate this bench in their honor and loving memory. Rest in Peace, brothers.

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